Every numbered Final Fantasy series ranked worst to best

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With Final Fantasy 7’s highly anticipated remake on the horizon, one of our writer's took the opportunity to look back at the franchise and rank how well he feels each title was received.
Written by Devin 'Hellbird' RigottiPublished on
There are few games within this legendary franchise that aren’t phenomenal titles, but even amongst the stars the brightest will still shine most.
15. Final Fantasy II
Honestly Final Fantasy 2 is the most forgettable of the franchise, as a title that was just another outing for a series that was not yet defined and a far more forgettable experience than Final Fantasy 1, its best described as “fine.”
14. Final Fantasy XIII
Perhaps one of the biggest reasons this features so far down this list is the hype that was generated beforehand, “Lightning, the spiritual successor to Cloud.” It felt like a Final Fantasy on rails in a time when a reimagining was so desperately required.
13. Final Fantasy
Without the original, none other would follow. Unlike Final Fantasy II, this game did so much for the genre to follow, its original concepts are still present in today's game and although it may not be particularly high on this list – its still worthy of praise.
12. Final Fantasy III
A lovely Job experience and a solid outing for the franchise. The best news about this title is that there is reasonable 3D remake available on various platforms. It important to clarify, Final Fantasy VI was released as Final Fantasy III in western markets – so if you are wondering why Locke and his friends are so low down on this list, this Final Fantasy stars four orphans and not Locke and friends.
11. Final Fantasy XI
The original Final Fantasy MMO is a cult classic, it did particularly well outside of the western markets and boasts a word that seems so endless. It’s a memorable game with real life accounts of boss battles lasting 18 hours… Albeit, a game for the hardcore fanbase.
10. Final Fantasy XII
Final Fantasy XII
Final Fantasy XII
Perhaps the biggest fault of Final Fantasy XII is that it had to follow on after Final Fantasy X. It was a great game that probably could have had a better Protagonist, but still featured some of the best supporting cast over the franchise. Still playable today and a game that introduced some features that are still in effect today.
9. Final Fantasy V
You know a game has left a legacy when it gets consistently ported to newer consoles and even has its own possible remake in the works. Final Fantasy V was so beloved in Japan that it even boasted its own video adaptation in the form of 4 thirty-minute episodes featuring the descendent of Final Fantasy V’s protagonist Bartz.
8. Final Fantasy IV
For hardcore Final Fantasy fans, Cecil is on of the most memorable characters of the entire franchise. The game has gotten an enhanced remake and not only boasts a sequel, but several other linked games to this title. This game is still selling on Steam today.
7. Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy XV is one of my favourite games in recent memory, although I can make many criticisms of the characters and storyline, it is everything Final Fantasy 13 was meant to be. It’s a reimagining of the series and although the reception of this game is polarising between Final Fantasy fans, I happily lie on this side of the coin… I just wish Prompto would shut up sometimes.
6. Final Fantasy 9
Master Vivi is an icon and as far as popularity goes, can step up to any Final Fantasy character. It’s a beautiful game, that went in a direction so unique in comparison from the immensely successful predecessors. The soundtrack is great, the story entrancing and the characters lovable. I kind of want to play it again after writing this.
5. Final Fantasy XIV
Final Fantasy XIV - our writer's number 5
Final Fantasy XIV - our writer's number 5
Final Fantasy XIV was such an awful mess on release that it almost destroyed Square Enix. After it’s disastrous release in 2010, it was nominated multiple times for the 2019 Game Awards. It’s arguably the best MMO out today and the latest expansion, Shadowbringers, may also be the single best MMO expansion ever released.
4. Final Fantasy X
Once you can get past the infamous “Ha, ha ha!” scene, Final Fantasy X is art. You cannot convince me that Final Fantasy X will not get its own remake eventually. The main protagonist, Tidus, seems to grow alongside you as you level-up and the world is unforgettable… but blitzball isn’t as good as Tetra Master…
3. Final Fantasy VIII
Another story about Orphans and overcoming the past. There are enough people that would argue that Final Fantasy VIII is in fact the best of all Final Fantasy Games and they would have a pretty good case. It’s heart-breaking, stylish and somehow managed to follow on to the game Square Enix has on occasion called their best title, Final Fantasy VII.
2. Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Boasting the best-known protagonist in Final Fantasy, the best-known antagonist in Final Fantasy and the best-known tragedy in all of gaming. Final Fantasy 7 truly deserves its remake. I personally have said the following words to numerous people I care about, “I wish you could experience it, as I experienced it, when it was new.” And now – you can.
Hmm, surprised to see it at number 2? Well you shouldn’t be
1. Final Fantasy VI
I cannot compliment Final Fantasy 7 enough, its one of the greatest games ever made… but Final Fantasy VI is better. It’s hard to explain how good Final Fantasy VI is and somehow, I need to do so whilst explaining how good it was on release… You can still play this game today with limited but reasonable rereleases. If you enjoyed Octopath Traveller, you might still enjoy this. The great news is, an interest in a remake is already on the cards and guys, “I wish you could experience it, as I experienced it, when it was new.”