The top 3 Fortnite drop spots in Chapter 2 Season 4

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One of South Africa’s most loved Fortnite players, Travis Vercueil breaks down the best drop spots in the latest Season of Fortnite.
Written by Sam WrightPublished on
If you’re looking to change up your game strategy and loot the best spots fresh out of the bus - Travis’s top 3 spots are where you want to drop.
Travis is a familiar name in the higher echelons of South African Fortnite and his star is definitely on the rise. He recently announced that he had signed to Goliath Gaming - making him the first Fortnite player to join the multi gaming organisation and a sign that larger esports organisations in South Africa are realising the potential of the popular battle royale.
Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 4, also known as Season 14, brings with it a host of new features and map changes. The season kicked off on 27 August and saw the Marvel crew dropping onto the battlefield. Travis breaks down his top 3 drop spots this season and why you should consider landing there:
Stark Industries
According to Travis, Stark Industries arguably has the highest risk versus reward ratio. It’s the most populated drop spot in the map so expect some early battles. However, if you walk away alive you will have the best loot possible in the lobby: “Stark can almost guarantee the best variety of the strongest shotgun in the meta at the moment. The drop spot also has some sick rides with unlimited fuel and a boost that recharges over time, allowing for quick rotations around the map. If you manage to defeat Iron Man at Stark Industries he will gift you the vault key card which allows you to obtain a high amount of loot in such a small area. This loot can set you up to win the game.”
Doom’s Domain
Doom’s Domain is one of the only drops in the competitive mode with mythic weapons. Travis believes this drop spot gives you end game advantage: “If you’re able to come out of Doom’s Domain as victors, then you can almost guarantee being able to get the most dominant positioning in the end game: Highground. Similarly to Stark Industries, if you kill Dr Doom, you obtain the vault key card and mythic weapons. The key card offers you access to the vault, which will give you the highest rarity assault rifles and snipers - as well as a large amount of healing items.”
Fortnite Super
Fortnite Super
Lazy Lake
Lazy Lake rounds up the top 3 drop spots of Chapter 2 Season 4, according to Travis. Lazy Lake is the only non-mythic POI that can set you up almost as well as the mythic drops, if played correctly: “It has an extremely wide variety of materials to farm, which allow you to upgrade weapons easily to get better rarities. Lazy Lake has the most chests of all the non-mythic drops. It’s also a good central position which allows for better rotations to set you up for the end game or to be able to have the option to engage in more fights because of its central location on the map.”