How To Up Your Authenticity Meter: Get Landlocked

© Alfredo Escobar/Red Bull Content Pool
Written by Brian Roddy
Are you terrified of being inland? That fear is almost warranted, but you should rid yourself of it.
Just Strollin'
Just Strollin'
To be jaded is to be ugly. It is to be unappreciative and vacuous. It is to be a jackass. When you’re jaded, you might look at overhead perfection and opt not to paddle out — and that is a crime. So how do you avoid getting jaded? There are plenty of ways, but for today we’ll explore just one: being landlocked.
Being far away from the sea is like being far away from a lover. She takes control of your mind, and all you can think about is her soothing grace. It’s easy to feel down. But you shouldn’t.
There are plenty of benefits of being landlocked. For one, it eliminates the possibility of surfing altogether. A ninety-minute brunch is agony when there are waves you could be surfing. But, when surfing is out of the question, those could be the most fun mimosa-fueled ninety minutes of your goddamn life. When you forget about surfing entirely, your mind opens to other activities. You can fully embrace and enjoy the other fine things life has to offer — of which there are many. You’ll feel like a new man. But don’t stay too long! The ocean, patient as she may be, has a way of spiting those who abandon her.