Full review - Immortals: Fenyx Rising

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Let’s be honest, the epic stories of ancient Greece are perfect for video games – magic, mythical beasts, battles between gods and titans
Written by Gareth WoodsPublished on
This subject matter is undoubtedly why a franchise like God of War has been so successful. Well, stand aside Kratos, because a new hero has arrived and his/her name is Fenyx.
Immortals: Fenyx Rising might not have been on your radar this year, since very little was known about the game before it was showcased earlier this as part of the console launch presentations. On the outset, you would be forgiven for thinking that Fenyx Rising looked like a kids game, with its cartoony characters and bright colour palette looking like something that belonged more in Fortnite than in an epic action-adventure game set in mythical ancient Greece. However, beneath the friendly exterior beats the heart of a titan.
Typhon - the big bad guy
Typhon - the big bad guy
Playing on the PlayStation 5 the game runs at a solid frame rate throughout with load times being just a few seconds and what impressed me was that the draw distances were incredible. You could stand on the top of a large statue or monument and spin your character 360 degrees and see the map in any direction without any lag or blurring. Let me tell you, the map is big – really big and that’s where so much of the fun of Fenyx Rising comes from, simply exploring the vastness of the map.
Often a critique I have of open-world games is the idea that they either feel like a list of chores to do or that the game feels like it is just padded with boring content simply designed to extend playtime. That certainly has not been the case with Fenyx Rising. Throughout the game, I felt like I could easily jump between main quest, side quests or simply doing my own thing without a sense of boredom or simply checking items off a list.
Immortals: Fenyx Rising
Immortals: Fenyx Rising
Fenyx Rising mixes exploration with a great deal of combat and puzzle-solving in a way that keeps the game fresh as the puzzles get more complex and the enemies become more difficult to defeat. The combat might feel a bit simplistic in comparison to action games such as the Soulsbourne series, but still provides a fair deal of challenge and there are a few difficulty options one can play with to match your skill.
Where the game shines is in the humour and dialogue which is well written and exceptionally witty at times and although some of the voice actings can be a bit cringy at times the dialogue itself could be something out of a blockbuster animated movie from Disney or Pixar. The entire game feels like if God of War, were done by Disney (and I do mean that as a compliment). The game is light-hearted while still dealing with some pretty heavy themes and while maybe not being the most historically accurate portrayal of ancient Greek history does a great job of making the stories come to life and connect to create the perfect world for your epic tale of heroic deeds.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my first playthrough of Immortals: Fenyx Rising and if you are looking for a fun, action-packed RPG for the holidays, with a decent playtime (that doesn’t feel like 80% padding like most modern open-world games) then I cannot recommend Immortals: Fenyx Rising enough.