Mad Mike Whiddett Drifts Franschhoek Pass
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Mad Mike Whiddett and the drive of a lifetime in the mountains of South Africa.
Written by Jazz Kuschke
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Conquer the Cape
Consider the numbers: 248km/h @ 8800 revs through multiple gear shifts. This is how world-renowned Kiwi drifter Mad Mike Whiddett attacked the corners on Franschhoek Pass in BADBULduring a recent trip to the Southern tip of Africa.
Conquer The Cape (playing in the player above) is the latest in a string of boundary-pushing world firsts for Mike and he loved every second of the drive.
"The drive itself was just crazy," Mike says of the R45 between Franschhoek and Villiersdorp.
"I can compare it a bit to Conquer the Crown – a very successful project we did back home that was a game-changer for drifting because of the credibility the sport got for the precision driving. The scenery is very similar, but this road was far more raw, with like massive cliff-drops and not much run-off. Not much space for error."