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Photos: Day 1 At The EDP Pro


The duel for the title heats up as Carissa Moore and Tyler Wright both earn tickets to Round 3.

Day 1 at the EDP Pro Cascais saw Round 1 roll off in a tremendous fashion. The race for the 2013 world title hit its stride and it was all the buzz on the beach. The two contenders both advanced with ease and beyond that, all the other favorites slid straight into Round 3 without much of a hassle.

Standout of the day: Carissa Moore doesn't want to make it this close to a title just to fold in the closing hours. Oh, and Tyler Wright? Neither does she.

Honorable mentions: Stephanie Gilmore, Courtney Conologue and Sally Fitzgibbons all looked dazzling under that Portuguese sun. None of these gals have a world title on the line, and it's amazing what can happen when the pressure is lifted.

What to watch for: We think, at some point, somebody, somewhere, might have said something about a world title being on the line. You hear anything about that?