Teams get a running start for Red Bull Can You Make It?
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Why should you apply for Red Bull Can You Make It?

A seven-day journey across Europe awaits – but the teams will need wits and charm to make it to the finish line without cash, credit cards or even their mobile phones.
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If you dream of adventure, now is the time to turn that dream into reality, because Red Bull Can You Make It? is back for 2024 with another cross-continent challenge.
Teams from over 60 countries will depart from one of five Starting Points – Amsterdam, Barcelona, Budapest, Copenhagen, Milan – and try to make it to the finish line in Berlin in just seven days, using only cans of Red Bull as currency and stockpiling amazing experiences along the way.
Red Bull Can You Make It? participants reach the Finish Point at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany on April 11, 2014.

Team-mates arrive in Berlin at the first Red Bull Can You Make It? in 2014

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Want to know about the application window for Red Bull Can You Make It? It varies by country, so check out the deadline for your location carefully.
Here's why this event might just be the adventure of your lifetime (so far):

Bonding with your team

In Red Bull Can You Make It? you don’t go it alone. You apply as a team with two friends, submitting a video application that showcases your personalities.
If you’re selected to participate, the three of you will combine your talents to exchange cans of Red Bull for whatever you need as you make your way across Europe: food, a place to sleep, transportation to the next location and everything else. Those unforgettable experiences are bound to make close friends even closer.
Red Bull Can You Make It? 2018 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on April 17, 2018.

Team-mates celebrate their achievement at the 2018 finish in Amsterdam

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Finding new friends in new places

Just as important will be the new friends you meet. The seven-day European journey will expose you and your team-mates to different cultures and fresh faces. The only way to make progress is by sparking interactions, and because you won’t have your digital devices, you’ll need to create meaningful connections directly, in person.

Expecting the unexpected

If you love surprises, this is the event for you. Selected teams won’t even know which of the five Starting Points they’re assigned to until just a few days before they leave home.
You might just surprise yourself with what you can achieve by bartering cans of Red Bull, too. In previous editions, teams managed to engineer incredible moments, from parachuting out of a plane to staying in a five-star hotel and even snagging tickets to top-tier sporting events.
Red Bull Can You Make It? team members celebrate the experience of parachuting in Chambéry, France on April 13, 2018.

Red Bull Can You Make It? team members celebrate a parachute jump in 2018

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Building experiences and sharing them with the world

From the start line to the finish, your team will not only be living new experiences; you’ll be vlogging about them to be showcased daily in your own dedicated space on
By the way, those vlogs won’t just earn you followers – they’ll also earn you points.

Making your own luck

No one knows what they’ll encounter as they head for Berlin, and luck is part of the adventure. But you can help make your own luck, because it’s not about who gets to Berlin first. Teams will be scored on three factors: the number of challenges they accomplish at designated checkpoints, a variety of tasks completed on an Adventure Challenge list, and their vlogging throughout the journey.
In other words, daily experiences matter more than beating the other teams to the finish line.
Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? You can apply – and keep up with all the Red Bull Can You Make It? news and developments – right here.

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