Red Bull Symphonic Kabza de Small, Ofentse Pitse and Symphonic Orchestra
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A-Z Guide for Anyone Attending Red Bull Symphonic

Red Bull Symphonic featuring Kabza De Small with Ofentse Pitse and the Symphonic Orchestra will blend modern-style music and classical orchestration. Attending? Here is everything you need to know:
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A - Amapiano: The genre at the heart of this event. Originating in South Africa, Amapiano combines deep house, jazz, and lounge music, known for its distinctive piano melodies, synths, and basslines. Kabza De Small, the King of Amapiano, will lead the performance.
B - Blend: The event blends Amapiano with classical music, creating a unique fusion that highlights the rhythmic and melodic elements of Amapiano through symphonic arrangements. The original concept of Red Bull Symphonic globally is based on the unprecedented collaboration between a modern-style artist and a classical music director, together with a full-scale symphonic orchestra.
C - Conductor: Ofentse Pitse, the first black South African woman to own and conduct an all-black orchestra, will lead the symphonic orchestra. Under the mentorship of leading conductors Thami Zungu and Gerben Grooten, she transitioned from a musician to the conductor and owner of Anchored Sound, a 40-piece orchestra and 25-strong choir. Her role is pivotal in merging these two musical worlds.
Ofentse Pitse

Ofentse Pitse

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D - Debut: As a global property, Red Bull has taken the concept across the globe, from the USA to Australia, Germany and Jordan, however, this marks the first-ever Red Bull Symphonic in South Africa, introducing an innovative musical experience that merges Amapiano with classical music.
E - Ensemble: The performance will feature a 33-piece orchestra and an 8-piece choir, providing a rich and layered sound that enhances Kabza De Small’s Amapiano tracks.
F - Fashion: The fusion of Amapiano and classical music aims to push the boundaries of both genres, creating a new and electrifying musical atmosphere, what the night also promises, is glitz, glamour and fashion fusion from those fortunate enough to have tickets.
G - Global: Amapiano has gained international recognition, and this event is a global platform that will further promote the genre’s global appeal by showcasing it in a classical context.
H - Heritage: The event showcases modern and classical music, celebrating South African culture and heritage.
I - Iconic Tracks: Expect to hear iconic tracks such as "Khusela" and "Imithandazo," reimagined in a symphonic arrangement that highlights their addictive rhythms and melodies.
J - Johannesburg: The event will take place at the Lyric Theatre in Gold Reef City, Johannesburg, a significant venue for this groundbreaking performance.
K - Kabza De Small: The central figure of the event, Kabza De Small, is renowned for his influence in the Amapiano genre and will perform his well-known repertoire with the orchestra.
Red Bull Symphonic Kabza De Small

Red Bull Symphonic Kabza De Small

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L - Lyric Theatre: Located in Gold Reef City, the Lyric Theatre provides a fitting backdrop for this innovative fusion of musical styles.
M - Mad Rush: After the mad rush on the tickets for night one (with tickets selling out in hours), an additional night was scheduled.
N - New Horizons: The collaboration aims to explore new musical horizons, breaking away from conventional limits and allowing Amapiano to evolve into something exceptional.
O - Orchestra: The 33-piece Symphonic Orchestra and Vocal Octet is an ensemble of exceptional musicians who showcase what Ofentse Pitse envisions for the orchestral element of the performance – one that dismantles barriers as it catapults toward limitless boundaries.
P - Parking: There is parking available at the venue.
Q - Quick Sell-Out: The first night of the event sold out rapidly, leading to the addition of a second night to accommodate high demand and media attendance.
R - Reality: In an age of AI and computer-generated media, this is as real as it gets.
S - Surprise Acts: Aside from the main performance, the audience can look forward to various surprise side-acts, including the likes of: Daliwonga, Maphorisa, Nokwazi, Young Stunna, Njelic, Sizwe Alkaline, Umthakathi Kush, Mthunzi and Mawhoo
T - Transformative: The event is seen as transformative, both for the genres it combines and for the cultural narrative it represents, blending township culture with symphonic grandeur.
U - Unprecedented: This event is unprecedented in South Africa, providing a unique musical experience that has never been attempted in this form.
V - Venue: The Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City, a venue known for hosting significant cultural events, will set the stage for this historical performance.
W - World-Class: Both the artists and the production quality are world-class, promising an unforgettable experience for all attendees.
X - X-factor: The combination of Kabza De Small's dynamic Amapiano tracks with a full orchestra provides the X-factor that makes this event so special.
Y - Youthful: Amapiano is a genre deeply rooted in youth culture, and this event highlights its innovative spirit and global reach.
Z - Zenith: The event represents a zenith in the fusion of Amapiano and classical music, showcasing the heights that can be achieved when diverse musical worlds collide.

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