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What we think of Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 continues the tried and tested Far Cry experience and will leave no fan disappointed. The winding roads, green trees and total maniacs are all there and this time there are also dachshunds…
Written by Gareth Woods
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Well at least one anyways. It’s a fun open world first person shooter that has done a lot right.
For the basic Far Cry recipe you start off by adding 1x iconic villain. It’s honestly amazing how Far Cry has created such an established legacy of villains and can keep producing fresh exciting bad guys. Far Cry 6 dug deep for this one as it brought out one of the best modern villain actors in the world, Giancarlo Esposito, yes the guy from Breaking Bad. It should come as no surprise that he continues the legacy of Far Crys antagonists in fine form, portraying the Cubanesque dictator Antón Castillo whilst exploring his complicated relationship with his country and his very own son.
Far Cry 6
For a twist on the basic far cry recipe, we have added a better protagonist. As much as we have come to love the meanies of the Far Cry universe, the main protagonists have had their fair share of criticism over the years, but you find yourself in the shoes of Dani, the pretty awesome lead character. There is also an option to play as either a Male or Female hero which will be great for not only those who have a preference, but also those who like to roleplay the experience. Both are fully voice acted and both are a great deal of fun. They also aren’t alone as their adventures are ripe with adversaries and allies who all do their part in creating a living world.
The motivation for your characters is a bit cookie cutter, but serves as a fine mechanism to propel your character through the storyline and justify why exactly you are guilt free in your actions that most certainly will involve you sending foes to the afterlife in bulk. The AI can be a bit sloppy from time to time, but they put up enough of a fight to affirm your decisions to sneak up behind those you can and unload heavy artillery on those you cannot.
If characters are the protein, the spice is the environment. Just as important to the final outcome, but in a completely different form. The fictional island located in the Caribbean called Yara will be your home for the duration of your adventure and I wouldn’t recommend visiting it for a family holiday, but it is not hard on the eye. It’s rich with eye-catching vegetation, glorious vista’s and a few different biomes to explore. Beyond everything else it is beautiful, even the architecture you encounter is charming, interesting or gorgeous. A beautiful landscape is much like a painting to the digital world and it’s not complete without having content, fortunately this is yet another area that Far Cry 6 excels in. By completing objectives around the map you unlock new avenues to explore, all full of things to do and most importantly, reasons to do it. If you want to take a trip down memory lane, best you deal with all those pesky roadblocks first.
Best bads
Best bads
The reward for completing all these objectives comes in the form of unlockable gear and modifications. Far Cry 6 looks magnificent and it is only proper that the protagonist looks awesome. Gaining new gear not only upgrades your capabilities but also makes you look ultra cool. You can obtain a very large variety of weapons and with this mindblowing amount available you are going to have many options. Each of these tools of mayhem can be customised and boast their own individual stats. So, pick your favorite, tinker with it and make sure the next adversary that crosses your path has no chance!
There are also a host of things to keep you occupied whilst you venture through Yara. You can unlock missions throughout the world that include treasure hunts, storylines and operations. Each one has a unique look and feel and has long term effects on your gameplay. But, no modern open world game is complete with a few safe places to hang your hat after a good torching of the local militia. Base building provides you an opportunity to seek a few moments of respite in the chaotic world and when gathering enough material you can also upgrade these bases to provide you with various boons. Sorry architects out there, it's a bit limited when it comes to creativity, but it’s still a nice feature in the game.
Without a doubt, the best thing about Far Cry games is the experience you have alongside your friends and Far Cry 6 allows you to enjoy both AI companions, ranging from the crocodiles, puppies and a very very unhappy chicken. Each of these little buddies have their own strengths and weaknesses and can be alternated from mission to mission as you pick the best friend for the job. However, the finest experience is that with another player and long after the dust has settled on Yara you can sit back with your friend remembering that one time you crashed your jeep right into the middle of an enemy compound and somehow made it out alive… together.
So to get the absolute best out of this great game, find or make a friend who is also loading up to take down Giancarlo Esposito, view the beautiful sunsets of Far Cry 6 together and make some unforgettable gaming memories.