Spider-Man doesn't need to be all bright and jokey, he can be menacing, too

Photo Mode: Marvel's Spider-Man in unique and creative pictures


#AllFilter Or where we take on a game's Photo Mode to see the game through a different kind of lens - one not dictated by the developer, rather by the player. Get involved!

And by that we mean we want you to submit your own Photo Mode images for the highlighted game we'll be looking at each month for this new content series, which we've appropriately kicked off with Marvel's Spider-Man. Largely because what Insomniac has given us with their Photo Mode is fantastic, but also because, well, Spidey is out and from all accounts, is killing it with punters the world over.
What we have for you below is a handful of select images we created internally, but we want you to get involved as well. Feel free to also share any of your images with the respective social posts around this Photo Mode post.
Now without further ado, check out our Image Gallery below, then stick around to check out a trailer for upcoming Spider-Man DLC: Marvel's Spider-Man: The City that Never Sleeps - The Heist.