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What the hell is... Red Bull Doodle Art

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How on earth does drawing a small doodle in a box lead to international fame? Read on to find out.

Talented finalists from 28 countries descend on Cape Town this weekend to attend a global exhibition of their incredible doodles.

Visit doodleart.redbull.at to take a virtual 360º gallery tour from 2pm UTC (4pm local time) on Saturday, October 25, and find out below just what Red Bull Doodle Art is about.

And remember to check doodleart.redbull.at on Sunday, October 26 to hear whose doodle is the global winner!

Red Bull Doodle Art… what’s the big idea?

Ever sat in a class, lecture or business meeting and found your pen wandering across your notebook and making a series of squiggles, patterns or funny faces? The great news is you're not alone, but far from demonstrating how bored they are, successful entrants to Red Bull Doodle Art show real artistic talent. And the winners from 28 countries get to show off their work at the Red Bull Doodle Art Global Gallery exhibition in Cape Town, South Africa from October 24–26.

Why Cape Town in particular?

It's World Design Capital 2014, don't you know. Every one of the successful finalists from their individual countries will be attending, and it's where a panel of experts will judge whose doodle is the overall global winner, to be announced on the Sunday.

How have they done it?

It's a pretty simple format, even if the winning itself takes real ability. You download and print a special blank, square-framed template, print it out and then go to work with your best pens to create a doodling masterpiece. Once you've scanned it or taken its photograph, you upload it to your local doodleart.redbull.at page to be peer-rated on Facebook. The best doodle, as determined by the number of Facebook Likes received and a jury's judgement of creativity and overall style, gets the doodler a plane ticket to South Africa – or in the case of South African finalist Kingsley Palime, a trip down-country from the Vaal University of Technology, where he studies Graphic Design.

Sounds a bit serious for some pen-and-ink drawing!

While the basic premise might seem simple and trivial, behind the skill lie many stories and themes that mean a lot personally to the artists. Palime, for example, has taken inspiration from a childhood in one of the townships of South Africa, where life can be far from easy or fun.

Where can I see more?

Watch the video at the top of this story for a flavour of the event. And then take a virtual tour of the exhibition by visiting doodleart.redbull.at on Saturday, before checking out the rest of the website for more news and information during the weekend.

DO SAY: I never thought an idea that started on my Social Studies exercise book could turn into something so beautiful and so meaningful.

DON’T SAY: I've made a mistake. Pass me the correction fluid!