Concentration and precision are key as Bea González goes in for the shot.
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The padel 2024 season is here and it's going to be a game changer

With a raft of new destinations and the best players in the world battling for the titles, the 2024 padel season looks set to be the best in the history of the sport.
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An epic padel season – that's what 2024 promises to bring in a year in which the elite professional tour, Premier Padel, stands out as a brand-new entity that unites the world's best players. This will surely be the most groundbreaking season in the sport's history, so don't miss it play out on Red Bull TV, where you can watch all the matches from quarter-finals to finals. Find out if you can access Red Bull TV's coverage here. Check your local listings if you don't see your country listed.
With the integration of advanced technologies, the unification of major tours and a truly global presence, padel is set to transcend its current boundaries, promising unparalleled excitement and a superior level of competition.
This year's season isn't just another chapter in the sport's evolution; it represents a pivotal moment where the confluence of talent, innovation and global expansion will elevate padel to new heights, making it accessible to a wider audience than ever before.
Dive into the seven reasons why 2024 will be remembered as the best padel season to date.
Juan Lebrón performs in Madrid, Spain on July 28, 2022

Juan Lebrón

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Unprecedented talent and players

With padel rapidly growing around the world and players becoming more skilled each year, the 2024 Premier Padel season is set to showcase an unparalleled level of talent. The introduction of new destinations and a more global reach will likely raise the competitive bar, featuring local talent from countries that are making strong investments in promoting padel and developing players from a young age.
Ale Galán and Juan Lebrón during a match in Madrid, Spain on July 28, 2022

Ale Galán and Juan Lebrón in action in Madrid

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Three pairs vying for the male padel throne

The men's circuit will see intense competition among three pairs who've proven to rule the tour above all others: Alejandro GalánJuan Lebrón (who start the season as the #1 ranked pair), Agustín Tapia - Arturo Coello and Martín Di Nenno – Franco Stupaczuk. Tapia and Coello dominated the 2023 season, winning three out of the five Premier Padel tournaments played, while Di Nenno - Stupaczuk (nicknamed the 'Superpibes') and Galán - Lebrón won one each.
Juan Lebron poses for a portrait during the Spanish Red Bull Athlete Summit in Andorra, on January 31 2024.

Juan Lebron

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Alejandro Galán  poses for a portrait during the Spanish Red Bull Athlete Summit in Andorra, on January 31 2024.

Alejandro Galán

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Other teams like Paquito Navarro – Sanyo Gutiérrez, Fede Chingotto – Momo González, Álex Ruiz – Juan Tello, Javi Garrido – Mike Yanguas and Jon Sanz – Coki Nieto will try to make a run to win some tournaments. This will also be the last season for Fernando Belasteguín, arguably the best player in the history of this sport. "This season, in which I'll mark 30 years as a pro, is the time to stop,” he said. 'Bela' is one of the pioneers of the sport, having won more than 200 titles at the professional level.

An electrifying women's circuit

The womens circuit is not to be outdone, with pairs like Ariana Sánchez - Paula Josemaría, Bea González - Delfina Brea and Alejandra Salazar - Tamara Icardo set to dominate. Bea and Delfi won two Premier Padel events last year and finished the season as the couple in the best shape, while the team formed by Ari and Paulita won one tournament and are currently still ranked number one.
Our goal is clear: to be the number one in the world
Some of these players are already sending messages and manifesting their intentions. "Our goal is clear: to be the number one in the world,” said Bea González, who's currently ranked second with her partner Delfina Brea. The new Salazar – Icardo team, two extremely solid players who complement each other perfectly, also promise to enter the conversation around the best teams in the world. Only the thrilling battles between top-tier players around the world that await will determine where each team stands in the rankings at the end of the season.
Bea Gonzalez plays at a training ground near Madrid, Spain, on October 4 2023.

Bea Gonzalez

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Those three pairs are poised to dominate most of the tournaments, but the field is wide open. There are new teams looking to make a statement and get to the next level of their game, such as Virginia Riera and Sofía Araújo, as well as the pairs newly formed by Gemma Triay – Claudia Fernández and Martita Ortega – Verónica Virseda after the surprise Triay – Ortega break up that caught the padel world off guard.

Premier Padel: home of the best padel in the world

Premier Padel's recent acquisition of World Padel Tour after two seasons of coexistence of both tours means that 2024 is the first season where Premier Padel becomes the only tour to feature the absolute best padel players in the world. The exciting merger between Premier Padel and the World Padel Tour signifies a unified and more competitive landscape.
We want to develop the sport
This historic agreement promises to elevate the sport, offering a single global professional tour that focuses on the players and the padel ecosystem, thereby enhancing the overall experience for fans and players alike​​​​. "To be able to focus on one single international tour, with less tournaments, is a relief for the players. We want to develop the sport," said Ale Galán in an interview with Cadena SER.
Bea Gonzalez plays at a training ground near Madrid, Spain, on October 4 2023.

Bea Gonzalez in training in Madrid

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A truly global tour

The 2024 season is historic for its global reach, featuring 25 tournaments across 18 countries on five continents. This expansion into new markets like Paraguay, Chile and Kuwait alongside returns to iconic venues like Stade Roland-Garros and Foro Italico marks padel's growth as a global sport. This international footprint not only brings the game to new fans, but also provides players with a platform to showcase their talent on a truly global scale​​​​. Find the full calendar here.
The renovated Premier Padel tour also features a new tournament and ranking system with four tiers of tournaments: Major, Tour Finals, P1 and P2. This new format aims to provide players with more options to play around the world and allow for a more competitive ranking.

New padel talents enter the scene

The 2024 season is also significant for the emphasis on nurturing young talent and expanding development programs worldwide. With padel's increasing popularity, more resources are being allocated towards youth academies, talent identification and developmental leagues aimed at grooming the next generation of stars.
This focus on youth development ensures the sport's sustainability and competitiveness, promising a continuous influx of talent ready to take the professional scene by storm. The integration of these young players into the pro circuit adds a dynamic layer to the competition.
Juan Lebrón and players during a match in Madrid, Spain on July 28, 2022

Get close to the action with Red Bull TV

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Expanded media coverage and fan engagement

The 2024 season is set to benefit from significantly expanded media coverage, with agreements in place to broadcast events in over 180 countries, reaching more than 150 million households. This vast increase in coverage not only brings the action closer to fans globally, but also enhances fan engagement and brings new audiences to the sport. The digital footprint of padel is also growing, with social media platforms and online streaming services offering fans behind-the-scenes access and real-time updates​​​​.

When does the 2024 Premier Padel season start?

The 2024 padel season is poised to be a landmark year, offering fans and newcomers alike a spectacle of high-level competition, global expansion and the unity of the padel community under a single tour. It's clear that the upcoming season will not only elevate the sport, but also deliver unprecedented excitement and entertainment, starting with the Riyadh P1 starting on February 26. It will mark the beginning of a legendary padel season.

Where can I watch Premier Padel?

Red Bull TV will broadcast all Premier Padel matches from the quarter-finals of every tournament onwards, which guarantees widespread access to the highest-stakes matches. This partnership is a game-changer, making padel available to a wider audience and ensuring that fans around the world can follow their favourite players and witness the excitement of the best padel in the world.

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