7 FIFA 18 skill moves you need to learn to beat the best

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Written by Fraser Gilbert
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If you’ve ever dabbled in FIFA’s competitive online modes, such as Seasons or FUT Champions, you’ll probably have noticed that the highest-ranked players are excellent at using skill moves. These button combinations can prove the difference between winning and losing at an elite level, so it’s a good idea to learn as many as you can.
There are loads of tricks you can pull off in FIFA 18, and we’ve picked out just some of the key manoeuvres that can help you achieve success in online competition. Take time to master them, and you’ll benefit in the long run.

1. Flick Up

The Flick Up is relatively simple to pull off, and is used primarily for goalscoring opportunities from long range, although it's also useful for setting up chip shots inside the box. It allows you to flick the ball into the air for a first-time volley, which can prove lethal with star forwards. All the move requires is three flicks of the right-stick in a forward motion (regardless of console), but you’ll need to be quick to perform it correctly.

2. Simple Rainbow

The Rainbow has become a staple of FIFA’s moveset over the past decade, and remains both a highly effective and simple trick to carry out. Again, you’ll need to use the right-stick for this one, flicking it backwards and then forwards twice to perform it successfully. The Rainbow is a great move for confusing wing-backs and centre-backs, but save it for special occasions, or opposing players will find it too easy to predict.

3. Heel Chop

It’s not uncommon to find online players using the Heel Chop to exhaustion, primarily because of its consistency at fooling defenders. It allows you to switch direction quickly without any loss of control and, more often than not, your opponent is left playing catch-up after failing to read the move. It’s activated by using a combination of the left trigger (L2), the shoot and the pass button, as well as flicking the left-stick in the intended direction.

4. Spin Left/Right

This is another move which allows you to switch direction on a whim, and it’s a particularly flashy one, too. For this trick, you’re doing a variation of a Roulette to skin your opponent, allowing you to create goalscoring opportunities out of the blue. It’s another simple trick to carry out as well, requiring just two flicks of the right-stick to either a bottom-left or bottom-right position, based on your chosen direction.

5. Ball Roll Cut

This four-star skill is similar to the aforementioned Heel Chop but, this time, you’re rolling the ball to one side before cutting back across. Naturally, the benefit to this is that you can further fool your opponent into thinking you’re going a totally different way. And it’s also not that difficult to do: just hold the left and right-sticks in opposite directions, with the latter serving as the movement of the initial ball roll itself.

6. Stop and Turn

The Stop and Turn is a single-footed move which sees players perform a near 360-degree turn on the spot. It's another trick solely controlled via the right-stick, requiring a flick forward and then left or right, based on where you want to go. It’s a great way of beating opponents in their own penalty area, but bear in mind that, like many others on this list, it’s a four-star skill that only a certain quality of player can pull off.

7. El Tornado

In all likelihood, the El Tornado isn’t something you’ll come across very often in FIFA 18. That’s because it’s exclusive to just a few select players – Cristiano Ronaldo being the most prominent example. To do it, you’ll need to hold LB (L1) followed by a flick of the right-stick forward and then left or right. It’s not all that crucial to perform regularly, but those who can perform it with success have the ultimate showoff move at their disposal.

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