Here are 5 essential tips for Warframe beginners

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Written by Kevin Wong
It's a long road to create the perfect Tenno, but there are a few ways to make the start of that journey easier on Switch.
On November 20, Digital Extremes released Warframe on the Nintendo Switch. As always, the game is free; there are options to pay into the game to get the best weapons, best upgrades, and the best visual customisations, but you're not required to do any of it; you can simply play the game to loot or earn these items, and you can trade with the Warframe community for anything else. This is neither pay-to-play nor pay-to win; the difficulty-to-upgrade ratio is unusually consistent for a game of its type.
And perhaps this is why Warframe has developed such a loyal, massive fandom since debuting on PC in 2013. As of March 2018, there have been 38 million registered players. And the developers have been correspondingly supportive; there have been five massive expansions, three of which are story-driven content. And the latest expansion, released on November 8, lets you do tricks on a glowing hoverboard, like a sci-fi Tony Hawk.
This week's Warframe Switch release means the servers will be inundated with new players. In keeping with the spirit of the holiday season, here are five tips for beginners: those hapless newcomers who just turned on the game, roughly understood what a Tenno was and are currently confused over the differences between credits and platinum. We've got you covered.

Use your starting platinum to buy slots

You're given 50 free platinum when you start the game. And unlike other currencies in the game, you cannot earn it by completing missions or quests, and you cannot find it in the maps. It either has to be bought with real-world cash or traded for.
You can use platinum to purchase aesthetic perks or additional gear, or use it as macro mechanic to speed up construction of weapons. Don't do any of that. Instead use your platinum on one additional warframe slot, and four additional weapons slots. Inventory real estate is one thing that cannot be looted; platinum currency is the only means by which to attain it.

The upgrade menus are dense, but they shouldn't be intimidating

Your first experience on board your spaceship, which serves as the hub for your missions, is stress-inducing. There are multiple, interlocking menus at every turn, and there's plenty of Warframe jargon, which makes comprehension even more of a challenge.
On the upside, the early missions are very easy; you won't die even if the enemies hone in on and shoot you multiple times. Use this time to read up on and assess your options, and don't worry about the best build or the best purchases; it'll all shake out in the end. By the time you'll need an upgrade to raise your game, you'll have both the currency and game smarts to do so without wasting your money. And speaking of wasting money...

Upgrade your mods

The majority of your credits should go towards upgrading your weapons and frame mods. Damage buffs, armor buffs, shield reinforcement, and increased cartridge size are just some of your options. But don't feel married to a weapon or frame you've spent hours upgrading; mods are insertable from one weapon or frame to a new one, and retains all prior memories.

The switch isn't always next to the door

Basic advice, but it might save some new players some headaches. Most doors automatically open when you go near them, or if they're locked, there will be a switch (usually with a puzzle) to open them.
But other times, you'll approach a locked door with no switch. The game is not broken or glitched. Look behind you; lots of times, there are pillars or towers in the room that have door switches installed on them. And if you still can't find it, backtrack to the prior room or look around the corner. It's there. You're just not seeing it.

Learn to bullet jump

There are special moves in Warframe you should know about. If you aim while mid-air, you'll slow down for several seconds, which gives you the opportunity to aim at enemies. If you explore the menus, you'll find move lists for melee combos.
If you learn nothing else, learn how to Bullet Jump. Start by pressing Crouch (if you're running, you'll slide). And then in the middle of this animation, press Jump, and you'll be rewarded with a controllable, corkscrew jump. Use this as a defensive maneuver or to reach out-of-range places.