20 Migos Lyrics You Can Use Every Day

© Jeff Kravitz / Getty Images

Got "Culture" on repeat? It might be time to add some Migos lingo to your life.

Migos have always been some of the most quotable rappers on the planet. The three weirdos from Atlanta blend grim street talk, Twitter memes, delirious metaphors and straight nerd-out references into a truly unique kind of craft. We’re fairly certain that they’re the only hip-hop group who has name dropped Stuart Little in the middle of a dozen other far more nefarious callbacks. Their anything-goes tumult makes them perfect for the frayed attention spans of the 21st century, when a 12-second Instagram video feels like a huge commitment.

Migos’s latest album, “Culture,” was released last week and it serves as the final, fundamental proof that Quavo, Offset and Takeoff are both fantastic meme generators and genuinely great rappers. Millennial mixtape icons often get disparaged by the tiresome real heads, but there are enough thrilling bars here for a lifetime. To celebrate, we’ve gathered 20 Migos’s lyrics that you can apply to your life. Think of them as Zen Koans, if Bodhidharma drove a Maybach.

1. “I’m young and rich and plus I’m bougie, I’m not stupid so I keep the Uzi”

Song: “Bad and Boujee”

Lesson: No matter how successful you are, always keep your safety in the back of your head. Maybe it won’t take an Uzi, but we’ve all got enemies.

2. “And they bustin’ for Instagram get your Klout up”

Song: “Bad and Boujee”

Lesson: Focus on your personal brand! Everyone knows the best way to get famous is through good social media strategy.

3. “No check, want all cash, I don’t do deposits”

Song: “T-Shirt”

Lesson: It’s important to always carry cash on you. You never know when it might come in handy.

4. “Never been a gopher but I always been a soldier”

Song: “T-Shirt”

Lesson: The world is tough — sometimes you gotta stand up and fight for your own self-interest. Don’t be a gopher, man.

5. “Certified everywhere, ain’t gotta print my résumé”

Song: “Fight Night”

Lesson: If you do enough good work over a long period of time, eventually you’ll never have to reintroduce yourself ever again.

6: “I don’t know why I came in this club with you girl, don’t know why I came in with these diamonds on my chain”

Song: “Handsome and Wealthy”

Lesson: When you are three extremely handsome and wealthy rappers, there’s a chance you might actually be exhausted by the nightlife. If that’s the case, just stay home and read a Malcolm Gladwell book or something.

7: “What’s on your mind? I’m not Ginuwine”

Song: “Handsome and Wealthy”

Lesson: Seriously guys, stop mistaking Quavo for Ginuwine.

8: “Is it my looks? Is it my wealth? Or is it the way I carry myself?”

Song: “Handsome and Wealthy”

Lesson: You can be the richest guy in the room, you can be the prettiest guy in the room, but if you don’t have confidence all of that is for naught.

9. “Do you remember, the life I was livin'? I'm callin' the plug, I'm juugin' up pounds, I'm breakin' down midget”

Song: “Rich N***s Timeline”

Lesson: It’s always important to reflect on where you came from, even if it’s not nearly as vibrant or heart-wrenching as Quavo’s teen years.

10. “Like a pro skater, did my own grinds”

Song: “What The Price”

Lesson: “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater” is a truly excellent video game — and you should also try to score super high combo points in real life.

11. “I’m a hot boy, so I gotta stay low”

Song: “Cross The Country”

Lesson: If you’ve got the attention of federal investigators, it’s probably good to keep a low-profile for a while.

12: “Cross the country, my plug he in Wyoming”

Song: “Cross The Country”

Lesson: This is a great place to keep a plug or any other semi-illicit materials or human resources. I promise you, nobody is going to check Wyoming.

13: “All types of Euros and Yen, I got money in Berlin”

Song: “Cross The Country”

Lesson: In today’s volatile economy, it’s important to diversify your resources across multiple markets. You never know what might happen!

14: “You rappers you wanna be 33 still tryna copy me (old ass rappers!)”

Song: “Copy Me”

Lesson: Never pay any attention to cranky old rap heads. Just keep doing your thing, millennials. They’re just jealous!

15: “Came a long way from kicking doors, now people they pay me in PayPal”

Song: “Emmitt Smith”

Lesson: PayPal is an efficient, untraceable away to get money. Set up your direct deposit, it’s so much easier!

16: “Young Takeoff and I finna buy Delta”

Song: “Emmitt Smith”

Lessons: Delta Airlines is worth several billion dollars so it might take Takeoff a while to get his investments in order, but it’s important to set long term financial goals.

17: “Plug out in China Town, he said he got that shrimp fried rice”

Song: “China Town”

Lesson: It’s great to have friends who will clue you in on great deals all over the city.

18: “He probably thinks it’s a club light, but really it’s the red dot”

Song: “Culture”

Lesson: Things are not always what they seem!

19: “All my bitches from an app, Instagram and the Snaps”

Song: “Call Casting”

Lesson: Online dating is a great way to meet people and you shouldn’t be afraid of this truly 21st century way to empower your social life.

20: “Vacate trips to Cancun, spaceship trips to the moon”

Song: “Out Yo Way”

Lesson: It’s time to double our investments in NASA so we can finally take vacations in space.