PGStats Presents #MPGR2019

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By Andrew “PracticalTAS” Nestico
2019 has seen some of the biggest shifts ever in Melee’s landscape. Where did your favorite players end up?
Since 2013, SSBMRank has been the Melee community’s source for rankings of the top players worldwide. After leading the charge for the past few years, Daniel “Tafokints” Lee is taking a step back and handing stewardship of the rankings to PGStats. With the leadership change comes a name change; the twice-yearly Melee rankings will henceforth be known as the Melee Panda Global Rankings, or MPGR for short.
Despite the fresh coat of paint, the ranking process itself isn’t changing very much. We’re still using the ballot system that the Melee community knows and loves, and we’re still releasing a top 100 list at the end of the year.
New this year: we’ve reached out to all of the players and have interviewed as many as possible, to get their perspectives on the year!

What is #MPGR2019?

PGStats has asked 45 top players, community leaders, tournament organizers, and analysts to rate the quality of play for each qualifying player during the 2019 ranking season. Each panelist gives each player a score from 1 to 10, and the ratings are compiled into one overall average after suppressing the effect of outliers. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be counting down from #100 to #1 here on Red Bull Gaming.
With this project, several volunteers from the community have helped out with player blurbs, graphics, fact-finding, and editing. This could not have been done without their help, so to all of those who assisted in the creation of this list: thank you!

The Schedule

#MPGR2019 will be releasing 10 players at a time over the next two weeks:
Week 1
Week 2
10-1: Jan. 24

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