Lay Bankz, Wynne and Chinese Kitty
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Red Bull Spiral: Chinese Kitty, Lay Bankz and Wynne freestyle lyrics

Watch Episode 10 of Red Bull Spiral and follow along with the lyrics from Chinese Kitty, Lay Bankz and Wynne.
By Riley Hunter
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Red Bull Spiral invites 3-4 MCs to Red Bull’s Los Angeles recording studio to collaborate on a one-of-a-kind cypher.
The cypher is filmed in one continuous take, making it challenging for even the most seasoned artists to stay cool under pressure and deliver perfect bars as the camera spins through the studio, capturing every movement.
Watch Episode 10 of Red Bull Spiral below and follow along with the lyrics from Chinese Kitty, Lay Bankz and Wynne.

Chinese Kitty

These haters is big mad 
They be coming along for the ride like Six Flags 
I told him come eat me out like Kit Kat 
I’m tryna make me a quick bag
No I aint talkin bout champagne papi 
But that lil Drake gotta kick back 
I’m goin up and a h** cant stop me 
Now she talkin bout she want get back
They keep lookin at the bag it’s Pucci 
Like it 1017 I’m Gucci 
Your whole squad lookin like it’s Disney 
Her man a Mickey ya n**** a Goofy
I pull up and I make me a movie 
You pull up and that make u a groupie 
I just might act bad like Tubi 
Pull up lookin like a snack a scooby
I just came for the bag then I fade out call me ombre  
Queen like I’m Yoncé 
Everything ice Eliantte 
I’m in the A more than Andre 
Pullup to the game like “Hi Bae” 
I gotta see it to believe it, come eat me out like Prime Steak
Yea it’s Kitty Gang and we started from the bottom 
I remember we was riding in the Honda  
I remember turnin ramen into pasta 
I remember turnin commas into commas 
I remember drinkin Red Bull when we was tired 
Up in the studio grinding 
Iced out the bezel 
All it took was some timing, now I’m shining

Lay Bankz

I rep my city wit pride
I’m from philly where s*** get real nitty gritty
walk around wit a glock you don’t wan get pop
for walking to pop’s tryna feed ya physique
they’ll put a 9 in ya hand
b4 giving you a pencil to learn all the principles
gotta realize that life ain’t that simple
the streets don’t love you when the judge call you criminal
hold up, I’m really black fr
I’m really Eri fr
I’m really everything Aday said that I would be, but I really rap fr
don’t get it misconstrued, the internet don’t know my values
gual asmara and I’m proud too
gotta make sure my family in the motherland eat the same way a fat kid eat cake
don’t underestimate me,
ppl be sleeping on me but they checking for me
I’m who the kids wanna be,
they hear the music I’m real so I know they relate
you ever wonder why everybody rocking they hips?
it’s cause my influence is great
rapped ona party beat one time cmon
hit it one time made the whole world shake
****head, HA hold up wait
big bankz got the world in her hand
never needed to lay wit a man to assure that I am who I am
ppl know I still be in the bity out LA they say “lay you so philly”
and I’m never gon stop til my name at the top of the charts, it’s time to get busy!
D***head, HA
f*** what a b**** said
I just know I got the big cat
Said she’s hotter than me I’m like since when
It’s an honor to me but that s*** cringe
f**** what a b**** said
I just know I got the big cat
Said she’s hotter than me I’m like since when
It’s an honor to me but that s*** cringe


U gotta watch how I do it to see how it’s done, 
They want my spot like 101 
They wish they could do what I do when I do what I do 
On the beat like I’m Westside Gunn, 
But they can’t it’s a fact any b**** tryna rap coming after me 
Rly not half of me  
If u wanna verse or a show it’s gonna be, g’s, I ain’t talking tragedy 
But that’s how I’m stayin alive, should I let him f***, a day in the life, 
I already made up my mind,  
He’s at my door the next morning like amazon prime  
He drives a charger I know he’s a s***, 
I’m on the green, like I putt,  
Imma mother******* dog, Imma mutt 
Grab between his legs, like HUT, 
Scared to have kids but I swallow my fears, 
I got his stick up like robbing cashiers 
— Y’all should stick to your model careers 
Biting my style since they copped the veneers 
Straight outta Portland, the queen of my city, 
I’m giving em body and opportunity, 
It turns u on when I’m grabbing my t****? 
Get on the D like the ball cross the 50 
I don’t have a day job all I do is rap now, 
They gon say I ate like a half pound 
smear the beat like I’m boutta get a pap now 
Cats out the bag, I’m the one that they ask bout 
I cannot stay the same, 
I’m in their head like Meredith Grey, 
They wanna eat but don’t carry a plate 
Hate it or love it, I married the game