TSM is stepping into Vainglory
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Team SoloMid Enters the Vainglory Arena

Just in time for the Winter NA Championships, Team SoloMid has signed a top Vainglory team.
By Jonathan Klick
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A few years ago, the idea of eSports on a mobile device didn't exist. Particularly in the MOBA genre, where mouse and keyboard mechanics reign supreme, the concept was near-impossible to imagine. But recently, that has changed. Several eSports clubs are scouting top players for Vainglory, a MOBA that has been built exclusively for smartphones and tablets. Team SoloMid (TSM), one of the most prominent eSports teams in North America and the world, are now the latest organization to throw their hat into the Vainglory ring.
In this breaking news, TSM is announcing the acquisition of the North American team, Ardent Alliance, consisting of Michael ‘FlashX’ Valore, Nick ‘CullTheMeek’ Verolla, and Mico ‘MICSHE’ Dedicatoria. Like many other players who hope to be an eSports professional someday, FlashX, the captain of Alliance, says this is a dream come true for him.
I have always been a passionate gamer and TSM is the pinnacle of eSports in North America. Growing up as a kid my parents always told me to find a job doing what I love and thanks to TSM I have been given that opportunity. Our team has always strived for success and now we have the supportive structure we need in order to achieve greatness.
FlashX, TSM Vainglory Captain
TSM's newly recruited team is currently the most dominant team in North America. After winning the Autumn North American Vainglory League Qualifier last year, they entered the Vainglory International Premier League 2 in October and took first place in the world finals. They continued their rigorous tournament schedule by competing in the winter season qualifiers in February and earned the honor as first seed in the upcoming Live Championships. TSM would be hard pressed to find a more prestigious team to represent them in the Vainglory competitive scene.
TSM's newest team
TSM's newest team
At the end of this week, this newly branded TSM team will be competing against seven other teams in North America, including some rising eSports organizations, such as GankStars, Vertigo, and Halycon Hammers. These eight teams will be competing for a prize pool of $70,000 over the course of three days.
As competitors at a global level, familiar eSports names such as SK Gaming, Team Secret, and G2 eSports, whom TSM may have to face in the World Invitational later this year, have the top three teams in EU, respectively. This sharp opposition from other prominent eSports organizations is not going to make for an easy journey for TSM; however, with the acquisition of Alliance, they are setup nicely to take some victories and increase their reputation in the world of eSports even further.
Right now, TSM has a total of five teams, representing them in League of Legends, Hearthstone, Counterstrike, Super Smash Bros., and Call of Duty. When compared to these big name games and other potential big names, one may wonder whether a TSM team for Dota 2 or Heroes of the Storm would be a more prudent move. Regarding this new foray into Vainglory and mobile eSports, Andy Dinh had the following to say.
As a global leader in eSports, we are always looking to expand our reach and attract new fans. The mobile gaming community has been growing extraordinarily quickly in the past few years, and Vainglory is an excellent entry into its competitive scene.
Andy Dinh,TSM owner
This surge of attention for Vainglory is pulling gaming and eSports in an exciting new direction. In particular, the universal accesibility of mobile devices make them a much more attractive option than a high-end gaming rig, giving nearly everyone a chance to compete. And with organizations like TSM buying into Vainglory’s legitimacy as an eSport, a new and exciting path has now been blazed for the future.
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