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Here's where to find every weapon and holster in The Last of Us Part II

Lock and load to help Ellie survive in The Last of Us Part II.
By Lloyd Coombes
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After what feels like an eternity, The Last of Us Part II finally arrived. While it’s usually better to sneak past the infected and non-infected citizens of Seattle, that’s often easier said than done.
Thankfully, Ellie’s arsenal is vastly expanded from Joel’s in the original game, and combat is inarguably a high point of the game. The more tools you have at your disposal, the more fun you’ll have. With that in mind, here’s how to sniff out every offensive weapon in the game.
Oh, and while we’ll keep things as spoiler-free as possible, you should consider returning to this guide once you’ve played through once!

Stun Bomb (Downtown)

Once Ellie and Dina make it to Seattle, they’ll arrive in the downtown area in search of a domed building.
You can’t miss it, but you might miss the Stun Bomb. When approaching the red “fuel distribution” sign on the exterior, head past the fence and climb up the ladder on your immediate right. Not only will you find the stun bomb at the top, but it’ll unlock the crafting recipe too!

Pump Shotgun (Downtown)

The shotgun will give you the edge in a lot of firefights

The shotgun will give you the edge in a lot of firefights

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In the Downtown area, the bank is located on the corner of James Street and 6th Avenue. Inside, you’ll need to sneak past multiple infected to get into the vault room.
The body on the floor has a vault code and, once you’ve entered it, you’ll be able to get inside the huge vault and grab a pump shotgun. There’s also a nod to another Naughty Dog franchise (and a trophy) if you keep your eyes peeled!

Short Gun Holster (Downtown)

Holsters let you have more weapons in easy reach

Holsters let you have more weapons in easy reach

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Ideal for keeping a second handgun at the ready for quick-switching, we can’t recommend holsters enough. This first one can be found in the Downtown area as well.
When Ellie and Dina find the courthouse and are scavenging for gasoline, look north to find a small coffee shop. Break the window to get inside, then head into the restroom (where you’ll be jumped by a runner!).
Once you’re safe, grab a key from the baby changing table. It’s for Barko’s, a pet store that Ellie will mark on the map. Head there and use the key on the side door, and you’ll find a holster on the counter towards the back of the store.

Trap Mine (Capitol Hill)

When exploring Seattle after escaping the WLF, Ellie and Dina will come to a Motel. On the right hand side, you’ll spot a dumpster that can be moved, allowing Ellie to hop into a window above.
Inside this apartment, you’ll find a trap mine laying on the bed that can be picked up, also unlocking the crafting recipe.

Long Gun Holster (Hillcrest)

After the point where Ellie needs to use the dumpster to climb onto a garage roof, you’ll come to a street with a liquor store and a bar opposite. Immediately head left and look behind the buildings to find a small garage with another dumpster blocking the entrance.
Moving this and opening the door will lead to multiple infected running at Ellie, so get ready to take down all three. Once inside, you’ll find the holster in the safe, with the combination 30-82-65.

Bow (Hillcrest)

You’ll receive this as part of a scripted plot moment, so don’t worry about missing it!

Pipe Bomb (On Foot)

Once you make it to the Hardware Store/Garden Centre hybrid, Manny will note the materials nearby can help craft a pipe bomb.

Hunting Pistol (On Foot)

This powerful sidearm can be found just after leaving the boat workshop. Players will spot a smaller building next to a larger one.
You can upgrade your weapons at these workbenches, scattered around Seattle

You can upgrade your weapons at these workbenches, scattered around Seattle

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Head to the left of the larger one, and slip through a hole in the wall to find a safe inside. The combination is 17-38-07.

Shotgun (Behind Enemy Lines)

After spotting the trucks moving through the streets, players will need to navigate some infected. After dropping over a wall onto a narrow street, the shotgun will be found in the building on the right.
Unfortunately, you’ll need to go through the building on the left first, climbing to the first floor and sneaking past Clickers before jumping across the street. Once you’ve dropped into the antique store, a Runner will rush, and two more will appear once you grab the shotgun from behind the counter - you’ve been warned.

Short Gun Holster (Behind Enemy Lines)

Once you reach the truck that the Seraphites are using as a shrine of sorts, look in the back room of the building on the right.
On the table, you’ll find a short gun holster.

Long Gun Holster (The Coast)

Once you’ve taken the two NPCs to (relative) safety, head into the next building. Before leaving through the window, check the ground floor office for the long gun holster.

Crossbow (The Coast)

You’ll get this via a scripted event, so you can’t miss it.

Flamethrower (The Descent)

After falling from the “Sky Bridge,” when descending through floors of the hotel, you’ll find a flamethrower on a sofa on the ground floor.

Silenced SMG (The Resort)

Another scripted sequence, the game’s final weapon is handed to you.