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The 10 best mountain bike parks in Canada

From coast to coast, we've created a list of Canada's top bike parks to kickstart your progression, maximize your vert, and dial in your jump skills.
By Laurent Briggs and Alastair Spriggs
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The popularity of enduro-styled mountain biking has sky-rocketed over the years. Canadians from coast to coast are building more public trails, investing in local riding groups, and embracing the act of pedalling up-hill as a routine workout.
However, for those looking to progress their riding to the next level, gravity-focused bike parks, which use high-speed chairlifts or vehicles to gain elevation, have become essential. By mechanizing uphill travel, bike park goers are able to crush more berms, send more jumps, and flow through more technical sections, in a single session—thus maximizing vert, repetition, and time spent riding.
Not long ago, bike parks were reserved for the big mountains of British Columbia. But now, world-class bike parks have emerged across the country and participation continues to grow. From coast to coast, we’ve created a list of Canada's top bike parks to kickstart your progressing.



  • Location: Atholville, New Brunswick
  • Number of trails: 11
  • Season: June to October
  • Uplift: Chairlift
  • Day ticket: $36 + tax for adult, $30 + tax for youth and senior
Tucked away in Canada’s East coast Appalachian mountains is Sugarloaf Bike Park. This network of 11 downhill trails was designed and built by the same crew that brought you Whistler Bike Park. Just knowing that makes us want to check it out ASAP. Don’t be fooled by its 244m of vertical, Surgarloaf has enough feature-packed flowy trails to keep you coming back for more. If you’re looking for steep technical lines and drops, be sure to check out L’Acadienne, the park’s most challenging trail. At the end of the day, pack up your gear and head into Campbellton to find your après-bike spot.

Keppoch Mountain

  • Location: Antigonish, Nova Scotia
  • Number of trails: 9
  • Season: Year-round
  • Uplift: Shuttle
  • Day ticket: $5 or $50 for full day shuttling
Just a ways out of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Keppoch mountain blends into the Atlantic mountain scenery. The bike network offers over 45 trails ranging from gravel bike paths to the 10 downhill specific trails. There is no lift access to the top however you can purchase a day of shuttle rides to get the most out of the bike park. Unhook your bike and drop into Switchcraft or Riverside to get the most amount of airtime on your way down. On the next lap, balance out the flow with a steep, janky ride down Old School.


MSS Bikepark

  • Location: Saint-Sauveur, Quebec
  • Number of trails: 9
  • Season: May to October
  • Uplift: Chairlift
  • Day ticket: $33 for kids and $62 for adults
An hour North of Montreal, Mont Saint-Sauveur has built a wicked network of DH tracks that attract riders from all over the province and farther. Take a warmup lap down Bacon Strip or La 50 to get into the groove of things and get used to the dirt. For maximum flow, take a few laps through Machette, the park’s flagship trail. You’ll find yourself easing off the brakes more and more as you rip through the berms and table-tops. The crew at MSS have built an ode to Canadian downhill legend Stevie Smith which lives up to the name. Chainsaw Massacre is tight and rocky, testing the abilities of all riders.


  • Location: Beaupré, Quebec
  • Number of trails: 29
  • Season: May to October
  • Uplift: Chairlift
  • Day ticket: $26
Closer to the capital region of Quebec City, you can go test your skills on the World Cup stomping ground of Mont Sainte-Anne, home of the only Canadian stop on the UCI mountain bike world cup circuit. With over 40 trails to choose from, this is one of the bigger bike parks in the province. From the top of the gondola, you not only have access to the downhill trails but also the more enduro oriented section of the network. For all your single track needs, direct yourself and the crew towards La Vietnam and rip down the 4km mashup of flow and old school tech.

2 min

DH track explanation: Mont-Sainte-Anne 2018

Mont-Sainte-Anne downhill track explanation.




Sir Sam’s

  • Location: Haliburton, Ontario
  • Number of trails: 12
  • Season: May to October
  • Uplift: Magic Carpet
  • Day ticket: $10
Not recognized as the most mountainous region, Ontario still offers some proper downhill riding to work on your riding. At a short scenic drive away from Haliburton, Sir Sam’s offers lift-access downhill riding overlooking Eagle Lake. With green loops at the top and bottom of the hill, there’s a good place for everyone to get the legs fired up. Take your first lap down Python to see what the terrain is all about and dial in your turns. From this corner filled track, you can switch over to Sean’s Way, one of the black diamond trails and rip through a more technical section of the woods.

Horseshoe Resort

  • Location: Barrie, Ontario
  • Number of trails: 14
  • Season: May to October
  • Uplift: Chairlift
  • Day ticket: $45 to $55 for adults, $35 to $45 for junior
Any bike park that has a trail called Party Train is certainly worth checking out! The Horseshoe bike park is just over an hour drive north of Toronto and is surrounded by XC trails and lakes. The clay mixed in with the dirt allows for some seriously fast riding though you may want to take it easy after even a little bit of rain. If you are a local rider, check out the Horseshoe Trail Showdown Race Series happening all summer long. A ladies downhill night is also offered every Thursday throughout the summer with an emphasis on progressing female riding.

The Prairies

Moose Mountain

  • Location: Kananaskis Country, Alberta
  • Number of trails: 14
  • Season: May to end of season
  • Uplift: Shuttle
  • Day ticket: Free
It’s a tough competition being right next to BC when it comes to mountain biking, but Alberta holds its own! On the outskirts of Banff National Park, Moose Mountain has a dedicated trail building crew that definitely have a thing for gnarly wooden features. With over 60km of singletrack to enjoy, riders can opt to either climb up or use the shuttle service offered by Alberta66. We recommend the second option. For the big feature enthusiasts, check out T-Dub for the whale-tail canyon gap and some steep tech sections at the top. Race of Spades is also worth a peak with tons of heavy features.

Canada Olympic Bike Park

  • Location: Calgary, Alberta
  • Number of trails: 25
  • Season: June to September
  • Uplift: Chairlift
  • Day ticket: $28
Located on the 1988 Winter Olympic games site, the Canada Olympic Park bike park is minutes from downtown Calgary. A great spot for an after-work ride with the crew or an easy weekend day. The bike park was built by Gravity Logic from Whistler so you know what to expect before going. For your ultimate flow ride, have a send down Lazer Fade. The track offers some proper airtime and is full of fast berms. This is a great bike park for getting a lot of laps in and dialling in your skills.

British Columbia

Whistler Mountain Bike Park

  • Location: Whistler, British Columbia
  • Number of trails: 70
  • Season: May to October
  • Uplift: Chairlift
  • Day ticket: From $88 for adults, from $46 for children
Whistler Mountain Bike Park is arguably the world’s top destination for downhillers. It’s a place where professional rider Remy Morton flocks to in the summer months, and where UCI frontrunners like Jackson Goldstone and Finn Iles spend there down days—because it’s really that good.
Watch Andi Tillmann and Kyle Jameson shred a few Whistler classics in the player below.

5 min

Into the dirt of Whistler

Team InFocus attack the world's most famous bike park.

Located just two hours North of Vancouver, the mountain town offers over 1,507 metres of lift-serviced bike trails, built by a revered group of world class builders. From classic jump trails like A-Line, Dirt Merchant, and Crank It Up, to technical legends like Schleyer, Angry Pirate, and Clown Shoes, the resort has a huge range of trails for absolutely every level and style of rider.
On top of Whistler Mountain Bike Park's world class trail network, the resort is also home to an annual Crankworx festival and Red Bull Joyride, and hosts weekly ladies rides.

Coast Gravity Park

  • Location: Sechelt, British Columbia
  • Number of trails: 16
  • Season: Year-round
  • Uplift: Shuttle
  • Day ticket: $84
Ever since the Coastal Crew, a group of pro riders from British Columbia, opened the Coast Gravity Park, it's been a site of pilgrimage for any serious gravity rider visiting western Canada. The park's featured in countless videos and photoshoots for its perfectly smooth berms and textbook jumps, but there’s more to it than that.
Discover why Coast Gravity Park is one of Brandon Semenuk's favourite places to ride in the player below.

11 min

Coast Gravity Park laps

After wrapping filming for Rad Company, Brandon Semenuk returns home for epic rides with the crew.

Portuguese +8

Sixteen official trails of varying difficulty and intent offer a little something for most riders. It features in this list of top bike parks in Canada not for its number of trails or its infrastructure, but because it shows what a year-round rider-created bike park can look like, removing gravity riding from a reliance on chairlifts (trucks take riders back up the hill) and pushing the limits of track construction while at it.

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