Exclusive Downloads: Natasha Kmeto and Magic Mouth

Opposites attract when two Red Bull Sound Select artists from Portland, Oregon, remix each other.
By Richard S. Chang
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Natasha Kmeto Portrait
Natasha Kmeto
Natasha Kmeto and Magic Mouth — both Red Bull Sound Select artists — are from Portland, Oregon. Outside of geography, Kmeto and Magic Mouth have little in common. Kmeto is a soulful singer-songwriter-producer, who performs solo on stage. Magic Mouth is a raucous four-piece rock band, fronted by charismatic vocalist Chanticleer Trü. When the artists decided remix each other's tracks, it was an exciting, somewhat experimental enterprise.
Now, the tracks are done, and they're available for you to download below. "Remixes are particularly easy when you're working with a well-written song and such a powerhouse voice like Chanticleer's," Kmeto said. Listen to the tracks and read what each side had to say about the experience.

"Disco Song" by Magic Mouth, Remixed by Natasha Kmeto

Kmeto: I was so excited to collaborate with Magic Mouth on this. They are by far and away one of my favorite Portland bands, and I was so eager for the chance to work with "Disco Song" as well as hear their take on one of my songs. ... I wanted to channel what I was feeling from the lyrics and also incorporate rhythms and textures from modern day clubs/discos.
Trü of Magic Mouth: When we heard what she did with "Disco Song," we were elated. I actually think that her take musically captures what my vocal delivery was actually all about better than our original instrumentation. The "fight" is there right away. She got that instantly. We are huge fans of hers.
Magic Mouth
Magic Mouth

"Prideless" by Natasha Kmeto, Remixed by Magic Mouth

Trü of Magic Mouth: Getting to work with Natasha on this project was an absolute dream. We are by nature a pretty raucous band, so approaching this song was a unique challenge. We tried it a few different ways before settling on doing the song in what we perceive as true to form in a certain sense. Though downtempo is not particularly what we do, we all have a deep love of the smooth and sexy sounds of R & B.
Natasha hit the nail on the head with this one. Being the formidable songwriter that she is, the song's lyrics, mood, melody — everything is fully realized. They are set in stone. So we approached it in an organic way. Besides this song, we've only actually done one other slow jam, and we've actually played this song out to great reviews.
Kmeto: When I heard their take on "Prideless" I was floored. The way they wove in elements of another one of my songs, "Idiot Proof," was equally as exciting. It's soulful, sexy and wonderfully distinct from my version, yet harkens back to the same emotion I wrote it to reflect.