Skrillex at Red Bull Guest House Miami 2014
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Premiere: Skrillex 'Dirty Vibe' Music Video

K-Pop stars G-Dragon and CL star in the video for their collab with Skrillex and Diplo.
By Richard S. Chang
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Skrillex does not appear in his video for 'Dirty Vibe,' premiering in the above player, but two of the three collaborators on the song, K-Pop megastars G-Dragon and CL, do in full force.
G-Dragon, a member of the boy band Big Bang, and CL of the girl group 2NE1, feature heavily on the track, from Skrillex's new album 'Recess.' The two exchange rap verses over a hyper-kinetic beat that shifts between frenetic and something faster and crazier.
The video is equally over-the-top. Set in a white studio, it otherwise explodes in color (mostly fluorescent) and flamboyance, including G-Dragon and CL's wardrobe (think haute couture rave) and hairstyles (there are many), light-up LED gas masks, a flashing video wall, a Lamborghini (naturally), and a wall of DayGlo squirt guns (sure).
The third collaborator on 'Dirty Vibe' is Diplo, who is also absent from the video. But he's pretty much everywhere else (including an in-studio Instagram with Skrillex and CL, hinting at a new collaboration). Diplo will also be performing with Skrillex at Madison Square Garden for probably the loudest New Year's Eve party in New York City. We recently spoke to Skrillex quickly about the collab with G-Dragon and CL. Read the interview below.
Can you describe the collab with G-Dragon and CL?
We met in Korea when I was out there playing a show and at the time I was working on that track with Diplo. I played it for them and really wanted them to write something for it. So the whole thing happened very organically.
Have you been into K-Pop for a while?
Ya, I have always loved the culture of K-Pop. G-Dragon and CL are such inspiring artists for me. I love the Korean's crazy over the top fashion and how it translates into the music. Its just really fun music.
How much input did you have in the 'Dirty Vibe' video?
Quite a lot in the sense that I wanted a simple performance video that really showcased CL and G-Dragon. At the same time it was a big collaborative thing between everyone involved.
How's the NYE show at Madison Square Garden coming along? Planning any surprises?
If I told you I would have to kill you. I guess you have to wait and find out.