Red Bull Energy Drink Ingredients

Red Bull Energy Drink's special formula contains ingredients of high quality.

A chilled can of Red Bull Energy Drink


Caffeine is naturally present in more than 60 plants and is contained in many foodstuffs such as coffee, tea and chocolate.

One of caffeine's primary actions in the human body is a stimulating effect on cognitive functions. Caffeine helps to improve concentration and increase alertness.

One 250-ml can of Red Bull Energy Drink contains 75 mg of caffeine.

Did you know?

The 75 mg of caffeine contained in one 250-ml can of Red Bull Energy Drink is about the same amount as in a cup of coffee.

  • Red Bull Energy Drink
  • 75 mgper 250 ml
  • Filter Coffee
  • ~113 mgper 250 ml
Source: IFIC (2008 & 2015), EFSA (2015)