Techno Gamerz on shoot for Red Bull M.E.O.
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What Techno Gamerz has to say about Red Bull Game On

The content creator talks about his involvement in the project and what the audience can expect from the new channel dedicated to Indian gaming.
Written by Debolina Banerjee
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Ujjwal 'Techno Gamerz' Chaurasia is one of the most popular gaming content creators in India.
His gameplay videos in titles like GTA and Minecraft, and tutorial videos in several other games, have earned him a massive following. He has over 26 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and continues to grow rapidly on YouTube as well as other social media platforms.
He now ventures into a new project with the launch of Red Bull Game On, a YouTube channel dedicated to the Indian gaming community.
Here he explains what is Red Bull Game On, how he has collaborated with host Ocean Sharma and pro gamer Ankit ‘V3nom’ Panth for the project, and what he hopes this new YouTube channel can do for the gaming industry in India.

Could you explain the concept of Red Bull Game On and what the community can expect from this project?

Esports is still not widespread in India. It is growing but it has not reached its peak level. So the expectation is that Red Bull Game On will help boost the esports industry and encourage more pro gamers.

According to you, what are the key aspects in determining good gaming content?

It depends on the genre of the game. If it’s a fun game, it depends on the portrayal of the gameplay and the commentary to go along with it. When it comes to games with a good esports scenario like BGMI, Free Fire, Call of Duty: Mobile, it depends on how well a person is playing and performing in tournaments.
Techno Gamerz on shoot for Red Bull M.E.O.
Techno Gamerz on shoot for Red Bull M.E.O.

What will Red Bull Game On offer its audience which is different from other YouTube channels?

It is quite tedious to keep track of the official tournaments and to take part in it as the competition is very tough. Whenever there is a major tournament, the first team gets a direct invite whereas the last one is rarely remembered. With the Boss Fight segment that allows amateurs to compete against pro gamers/teams, Red Bull Game On will give such amateurs a shot at playing against their idols. It is a new opportunity for aspiring gamers to showcase their talent.

How can the channel help in boosting the gaming ecosystem in India?

Red Bull Game On will bring a lot of prolific gamers under the same roof. When we see such well-known gamers in the same space with unity and healthy competition, the gaming community will surely improve. Right now each creator streams on their respective channels, but with Red Bull Game On bringing all of them under one umbrella, viewers will have one channel to view all of their favourites. So I feel a healthy gaming community can be forged via this channel.

What is your role in the Game On project? What has your experience been like so far?

I am one of the content creators to be featured on Red Bull Game On. I will create for the channel and inform my viewers all about what they can look forward to so they do not miss out on what the channel has to offer.

What is your vision for Red Bull Game On?

Many games are enjoyed by Indian gamers, but some of these games do not have a thriving esports ecosystem in the country. Such players play the game well but do not have a platform where they can showcase their gameplay to everyone. I hope to see such tournaments being hosted on the Red Bull Game On channel where people of all skill level can show their talent. Some of these games have a good esports scene internationally and I hope this channel can develop the same competitive scenario in India.

Aside from what has already been planned, what new content would you like to see on Red Bull Game On?

The channel should focus mainly on funny videos. If a tournament is hosted for four hours, not many people will want to watch it. If the videos around tournaments are short and concise, it will attract more viewers.