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Career counsellors are often the first point of contact for students looking for career guidance and insights. This is where Wingfinder comes in useful as a starting point - career counsellors can use Wingfinder to help students gain self-insight and self-awareness to kick-start the career conversation.

The Wingfinder Model

What is Wingfinder?

Wingfinder is based on 30 years of psychological research, carried out across thousands of scientific studies and analyses that clearly point to four areas, more influential than any others, as components of employability and career success for knowledge-based jobs.


Connections measures how you manage relationships and how you manage yourself.


Creativity measures how you adapt, create alternatives and seek out novel information or experiences.


Thinking looks at your ability to reason abstractly and solve complex problems.


Drive measures your motivation, ambition and self-discipline towards pursing goals and handling setbacks.

How Wingfinder can support Career Counsellors

Free Self-Insight: Wingfinder and our Career page are free and easy tools for students to explore their strengths and learn how to best leverage them. Students gain self-insight and meaningful positive feedback about their strengths, with coaching guidance for action and development in their work.

1:1 Strengths-Coaching: Career counsellors can benefit from Wingfinder and the Career page, as both can be leveraged as pre-work. This way students have a starting point and come in prepared, making the face-to-face time more efficient and effective.

Career Resources: Wingfinder and our Career page offer a variety of resources and activities career counsellors can use. Ranging from using self-insight for a CV writing workshop to teaching students how to achieve peak performance by leveraging their strengths.

Wingfinder & 1:1 Strengths Coaching

E-Mail Template

Invite students to take part in a 1:1 Strengths Coaching to teach them how to leverage their strengths. As pre-work, the student completes Wingfinder to gain more self-awareness. Building on the student’s self-insight, you can coach the student on how to best communicate their strengths and weaknesses, illustrated by real life examples.

Talent Passport

Ask students to send you both their Talent Passport and individual Feedback Report before the coaching session. The one-page Talent Passport summarizes their top 4 strengths and describes the behaviours that come naturally to the individual and the behaviours that might raise challenges.

Interpreting the individual Feedback Report

The individual Feedback Report can be the focus of the coaching session. It elaborately analyses the student’s strengths split into the four key personality factors and includes a coaching plan. The following example feedback report is a great basis to learn how to interpret the report which can then be used as coaching guidance.

Questions to spark insight

What do you think your friends and professors would say about your strengths and limitations?

What motivates you to wake up and tackle each day?

What are your passions outside of university/work?

How do you see your top 4 strengths coming to life at work (internships, part-time…)?

What is it you are most proud of from your career? Why is that and do you see a connection to your strengths?

Under stress and pressure have you noticed any of the “On a bad day” behaviours happening?

How can you use this experience and knowledge to improve?

What do you need to perform best?

How does the role you’re applying for allow you to leverage your strengths?

What parts of the role will bring you the most satisfaction?

What tasks are you looking forward to the most?

What tasks are you not sure about and why? What would you need to perform best?

What parts of your role are not clear yet? How can you gain clarity on them?

Red Bull Wingfinder

Check out our Career page & activities that help students give wings to their career.


High performance at work with Wingfinder.

Provide your alumni or staff with an exclusive workshop that focuses on helping them to achieve high-performance at work through self-insight. The workshop is suitable for both managers and individual contributors.

Benefits of participating in our one-day workshop

  • Gain insight into how to lead yourself and realize your impact on others
  • Recognize the value of self-insight and the significance of personality
  • Pinpoint what is enabling and hindering self-performance
  • Understand the value of growth mindset in adapting to be more successful
  • Identify ways to create an environment that increases the opportunity to be successful
  • Create an action plan to become more effective and help others do the same
  • Make progress on a current challenge you face

See all our Career activities.

Here you find all activities that we offer to students and which could be leveraged as pre-work. Ranging from exploring your strengths, to preparing for your application and interview. Either work through the individual activities below, or take the interactive Develop yourself with wingfinder e-learning that uses a short quiz to identify which activities you need to focus on the most. Give students wings to land their dream job.

Download all activities
Activity 1

Explore your Top 4 strengths

Wingfinder predicts your top four strengths with the highest accuracy; these strengths influence your behaviour the most - let’s dive in using your Talent Passport.

Activity 2

Gain insight from others

Sometimes we believe we have a certain strength, but others might perceive them in a different way. Learn if there are any gaps between how you see yourself and how others see you.

Activity 3

Explore your ideal work environment

Different personalities thrive under different work conditions. To be at your best, it is important that you work in an environment that suits you.

Activity 4

Create a stand-out Cover Letter

Use your Wingfinder report to demonstrate how your strengths and skills will help you succeed in the role.

Activity 5

Make a good impression online

Follow 9 steps to bring your LinkedIn profile to the next level.

Activity 6

Talk about past experiences

Highlight experiences, skills and strengths that are most relevant to the job and be able to explain how you used your strengths to achieve great results.

Activity 7

Illustrate your strengths

Give concrete examples and stories using the STAR technique to illustrate how you leverage your strengths.

Activity 8

Navigate the 'whats your biggest weakness' question

All our strengths naturally come with limitations. What matters is awareness of our shortcomings and knowing how to manage them.

Activity 9

Show your drive and motivation

What gets you out of bed and leaves you feeling excited? Use this activity to explore the best way to answer this question.

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