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Is Red Bull a sustainable company?

It is in the nature of things that the production of beverages also requires energy and resources.

This means that every beverage producer has a responsibility towards the environment, which we at Red Bull fulfil by emphasising sustainability throughout the entire product cycle. In addition, we save resources and energy by ensuring the greatest possible efficiency of all technical and logistical processes. And it goes without saying that we are striving to continuously improve ourselves in all areas affecting the environment and sustainability.

We decided for aluminium cans for a number of reasons: for example, as one of very few food packages the aluminium beverage can is completely recyclable. It can even be melted down and recycled for an unlimited number of times without any loss of quality. From an ecological point of view, this is a decisive advantage because recycling an aluminium beverage can saves around 95% energy compared to new production. In addition, the compact, handy shape and low weight of the Red Bull can reduce CO₂ emissions during transport.

We are continuously increasing the share of renewable energies in our production; currently we are at around 80%. We were able to minimise can transport distances through so-called “wall-2-wall production”: Combining Red Bull can production and filling on the same site means a saving of 12 million truck kilometres (equivalent to around 10,000 tonnes of CO₂) every year. In addition, we naturally give preference to climate-friendly modes of transport whenever possible.

Please find additional information on the Red Bull sustainability initiatives here.

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Вопросы & Ответы

Вопросы & Ответы


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